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Location of the cerebellum in the human brain


This part of the brain is located in the anterior part of the medulla ablongata, being responsible for postural coordination during rest and activity.

Cerebellum Functions

It is also responsible for reflexes and voluntary movements, also acts on the muscular system being responsible for muscle tone.

In general, it can be understood that the cerebellum is the region of the brain that captures the sensory impulses of joints, tendons, muscles, as well as balance and visual receptors.

Although its mass occupies only 10% brain volume, the cerebellum is responsible for extremely important functions in our body, such as coordinating the complex sequences of skeletal muscles.

Without it it would be impossible to perform all motor activities that require skill, from picking up any object, to performing a physical activity that requires a little more motor coordination, such as dance.


Cerebellar lesions are clinically manifested by:

- Uncoordinated voluntary movements;

- hypotonia (reduction of muscle strength);

- tremor;

- Fatigue.


Cerebellar injury is known as ataxia. Excessive alcohol consumption, or alcoholism, tends to lead their “addicts” to present signs of ataxia, such as: speech alteration, which occurs due to the lack of coordination in the speech muscles, and also, in reeling movements, due to lack of motor coordination.